10 Ways Poster


Ten Ways Chiropractic Poster
Laminated and Non-laminated
45cm X 60cm

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Product Description

10 Ways to Help Us Help You Chiropractic Poster Turns Passive Patients Into Proactive Partners!

The Perfect Tool For the Classic “Fix Me!” Patient

Turn passive patients into active partners in the healing process.

“What can I do, doc?”

It’s clear that patients who get involved and play an active role in their recovery get well faster and are better satisfied with their chiropractic care. Here’s a wall chart to remind them (and you) of the many ways patients can participate. It coordinates with our 10 Ways padded tear offs that can be sent home with each patient.

Place this poster in the area where you give your reports to refer to as you cover your home care recommendations.

Position one in each adjusting room as a handy reminder when patients express concerns about the speed of their recovery.

Mount a copy by the front desk to prompt your staff to ask, “Have you been drinking more water and doing the exercises the doctor recommended?”

Simple. Eye-catching. And informative!