Back Scratchers


9.5cm X 11cm
Deck of 60


Product Description

Back Scratchers:
The Fun of Trivial Pursuit.
The thrill of Lotto Tickets!

A deck of BackScratcher Cards features 60 different eye-catching designs and short chiropractic factoids. On the back, a Socratic question or sentence completion offers four multiple-choice answers.

backscratcher-front-back.jpgPatients must do a bit of critical thinking to scratch off the answer they think is best.

Simply place a deck in the optional desktop dispenser and watch the fun. More implementation ideas.

Each card gives patients new insights into chiropractic. Even a laugh or two. Because BackScratcher Cards are so much fun, patients want to play again and again.

You’ll know they’re working because patients will be asking better questions in your adjusting room. It puts “table talk” on steroids. True patient education has never been this much fun–or effective!

Back Scratchers…

  • Make waiting time fun and educational
  • Promote chiropractic for kids and families
  • Urge ongoing preventive and wellness care
  • Explain essential chiropractic concepts
  • Stimulate better patient questions
  • Engage patients unlike any other tool
  • Provoke critical thinking and new beliefs

Personalised with your contact details (optional), BackScratcher Cards increase patient understanding inside your practice—and get talked about outside your practice.

“I’ve been working on this idea for over a decade. Finally, printing technology has caught up with my vision to entertain while educating; engage while getting patients to think. I hope you agree it’s the best work of my career.”

William Esteb
Creative Director