CLA Core Score Folder


CLA CORE Score Folder
22cm X 30cm
Packages of 50
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Product Description

CLA CORE SCORE Report Folder

When Dr. Fletcher took the reins of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance, he brought along a new energy and excitement, plus a more powerful way to explain the significance of your technologies to patients.

The CORE SCORE folder is the logical result.

This new version is specifically designed for practices employing Heart Rate Variability and computing the patients CORE SCORE. It’s a “magazette” report folder specifically designed for CLA doctors who are using the latest technology.

Package Your Scans and Core Score Report

  • Clinically neutral for complete report flexibility
  • Introduces technologies used to assess subluxation
  • Presents examples of the three types of stress
  • Definitions of 10 most important chiropractic terms
  • Over a dozens ways to help speed the healing process

Easy-to-Use Report Folder

Highlight the key points of your report on the inside front cover. Point out the common stressors that can produce vertebral subluxation. Place the reports generated by the technologies you use behind the centre flap. Use the pair of centre-flap die-cuts to insert patient-relevant brochures along with your business card to stimulate referrals. On the back cover, encourage active patient involvement by circling the most significant home care procedures to speed the healing process.

Personalise Your Report Presentations

Clinically neutral, personalizs your reports using the computer-generated printouts supplied by CLA along with key report inserts to support your technologies. It’s a contradiction-free way to communicate the objective findings of your technologies. Impress patients and reassure spouses. Request a free sample

cla-cover-thumb-original.jpgOriginal Scan Folder

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