Concepts Brochure Pack


Chiropractic Concepts Brochures
Pkgs of 50 each of Adjustments, Spinal Decay, First Visit, Family Care, Chiropractic and Subluxations


Product Description

Our Money-Saving Concepts Package

We’ve bundled together the brochures that reflect the most important chiropractic concepts into a money-saving package. It’s like getting one title free! Communicate the common-sense principles of chiropractic with simplicity and high-impact graphics.

  • Chiropractic Chiropractic differs from the medical care most patients are familiar with.
  • Subluxation If you desire healthy, long-term relationships, make sure every patient and practice member understands…
  • Adjustments Whether you use your hands, employ a handheld instrument, use blocking or rely on some other means…
  • First Visit See more symptomatic cases blossoming into requests for wellness.
  • Spinal Decay If you give an X-ray report, use this brochure. Let it do the heavy lifting when it comes to explaining…
  • Family Care The number of families under regular care in your practice is a good indication of how well you…