VIP Report of Findings Folders


VIP Report of Findings Folder
22cm X 30cm
Pkg of 50
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Product Description

VIP Report Folder Organises Your Reports and Says “Trust Me”

The proper “packaging” of your report improves credibility, reduces doubt, increases patient trust and causes patients to take your recommendations more seriously.

The VIP Report of Findings Folder is a professional way to collect, organise and present your report documents to patients. It’s the next generation report magazette folder without the complex words and cluttered content. The contemporary graphics and simple design produce a big “WOW!” when patients take it home.

And it’s easy to use:

  • Increase referrals by inserting two business cards in the die-cuts provided
  • Weave in brochures relevant to the patient’s case in the centre flap die-cuts
  • Place narratives, office policies and report inserts behind the centre-panel flap
  • Circle the key terms on the back panel that are most important to the patient’s case

It’s a professional ROF folder that impresses patients and reassures spouses who can’t attend your live report.

Regardless of your adjusting technique, procedure or philosophy, the Life is Motion VIP Report Folder will give your reports more clout and greater authority. Upgrade your report today. Get the VIP Folder and the essential report inserts with our money-saving VIP Starter Kit.

Designed For Personalisation – Every patient is different—every report should be different. Flexible and consistent

Avoids the Complex Words – You may be comfortable with kinesiopathology, but patients aren’t. Simplify!

Technique Neutral – It doesn’t force you to explain techniques or procedures you don’t use. No apologies!

More Affordable – Not only do they cost less than other folders, they save time—your most valuable resource!

Easy to Use – Upgrading is easy. It’s so intuitive your first report will be great. It’ll feel good. Guaranteed!

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