What Every Chiropractic Assistant


What Every Chiropractic Assistant Should Know
by William D. Esteb
48 pages

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Product Description

What Every Chiropractic Assistant Should Know Training Booklet

Use this 48-page booklet to bring your newest team member up to speed quickly.

They are your eyes and ears. They often spend more time with patients than you do. They make the critical first and last impression. They set the tone of your practice and monitor the office environment. They can help grow your practice… or quietly tap on the brakes.

If you have a new staff member, or are in the process of hiring one, help him or her quickly become a contributing member of your team with the information in this helpful 48-page, full-color handbook. Send it home with each of the most promising candidates. Use our Chiropractic For Assistants CD for training after you hire the most qualified candidate.

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Section 1: Chiropractic Simplified

Section 2: Your Role in Chiropractic

  • Regular Team Meetings
  • Telephone
  • Meeting and Greeting
  • Practice Environment
  • Collecting Money
  • The Appointment Book
  • Scheduling of Appointments
  • Missed Appointments
  • Patient Recalls
  • Referral Opportunities
  • Answering Questions
  • Discouraged Patients
  • Your Own Health
  • Attending Seminars
  • New Patients
  • Patient Education
  • Caring Too Much
  • Being a Chiropractic Advocate
  • Teamwork

Section 3: Additional Resources

Section 4: Essential Vocabulary

Section 5: My Chiropractor’s Preferences

Enjoy greater confidence that your new hire is solving problems–not creating them! See better teamwork. Notice increased productivity by implementing this essential introductory booklet.